One Moment in Time you WISH you had been part of!

Good morning!

We couldn’t resist sharing this incredible video of a flash-mob in Som Sabadell, Spain. It all starts with a little girl giving a coin to a street musician; see what happens next!!



How about that? The most heartening-thing was how into-it the gathering-crowd got, from the little girl on the light-pole, to the amazed man singing along! Truly nothing bridges people together universally as-much as movies and music….


Red Dirt Film Festival 2013…get ready for some FUN!

Red Dirt International Film Festival October 25-26

People Watching Movie in Movie TheatreSo, we are pretty busy around here lately and we want to tell you a few things and answer some questions we have been receiving.  I will try to break them down into simple sections so if you are just looking for a specific thing you can scroll until you see it unless you want to read all of the surely awesome things that I shall expound upon through my keyboard to your screen.

What exactly IS an international film festival?

It’s a chance for independent (indie)  video-makers worldwide to submit their films so they can gain a wider audience.  At any given point festivals usually have multiple venues in close proximity running varied films; these are sometimes accompanied by the filmmaker to introduce the film and to answer questions and/or listen to comments afterward. There is usually a kick-off party and an awards ceremony that accompany the festival along with vendors, live music, etc.

Eggsotic Events Red Carpet with Chrome Stanchions 1What can I expect from Red Dirt’s first annual international film festival?

Well…a hell of a lot of fun! But I digress… We have films from all over the globe.  There will be some short films (5-70 minutes) and some feature length films (over 70 minutes) from all genres of film including: dramas, comedies, children’s films and much more! The locations will be primarily downtown Stillwater in many venues depending on the film. There will be a website up soon that will have detailed information and a schedule will be provided in October. We have a Red Dirt Film Festival facebook page up now.

We will have art, food, music, a charity event, character photo ops, an awards ceremony (there will be an audience choice award), panels and workshops about film and filmmaking, audience participation films (SO FUN),  and a few surprises (watch out for zombies- hint, hint), all open to the public.

Who can submit films?

Anyone!  You do NOT need to be a professional to submit your video.  If you have an awesome Youtube video or you want to shoot a short film that you shot on your iPhone then please do it! We also encourage kids and young adults to submit!  Be creative and have fun with it!  Go to this link to submit:


The Charity Event: The STAR STRUT

It is important to us to give back to the community and this year we have chosen the Payne county chapter of  C.A.S.A. (Court Appointed Special Advocates). Since this is a charity that benefits children we wanted to do something in which all children and adults could get involved. We are hosting a wellness walk that is short enough for children and families to get involved and the STAR STRUT was born!  We will walk down Main Street in downtown Stillwater dressed up as our favorite “star” or character from a film, any film on Saturday, October 26th. (Time to be announced soon) Tickets will go on sale on our website for this event in September so keep watching and get involved in the fun while supporting a great cause!

Art on display

We will have a few gallery spaces in downtown businesses.  Bring your creations! Painting, sculptures, collage, drawings, etc. will be on display.  If you want to show off your art and perhaps even sell some pieces please email us at inspirehineheal (at) gmail to register. (free of charge)



This is an opportunity for the public to directly hear filmmakers discuss creative solutions they solve while working on their films. Workshops allow aspiring screenwriters/actors/filmmakers to bounce their own ideas off the seasoned pros of the festival.

Audience Participation Films

Have you ever experienced Rocky Horror Picture Show live or The Sound of Music with the entire audience encouraged to sing along and make us of well-timed props? We’ll be featuring a fun film or two and hope you will come out and get involved!  More info will be on our website.

ticketTicket Sales

All of the information will be up on our soon-to-be website.  There will be day and weekend passes. Single screenings will be offered during the festival at the venue doors, but priority will be given to pass holders. ALSO…tickets for the STAR STRUT will be on sale very soon!

WANNA HELP?  Be a volunteer.  Get stuff.

If you want to help in any way with the festival please contact Damon and Marisa at inspireshineheal (at) gmail. There are privileges to our volunteers.  We are only taking a limited number so get with us soon!

We hope this helps answer some questions and makes you want to come out and support this year’s festival.

Feel free to “like” us on Facebook and continue to follow us on “ish” and watch for our website in September.



The Cavalry = YOU!!


(clip from Weird Al’s UHF (1989) )

Damon happy!

Hello all!!

Damon here with a call-to-action! We have two days left in our Kickstarter campaign to make the Red Dirt International Film Festival a reality (formerly FILMish). So far we’re at 67% of our goal.

thermoThe truth is, if we can get 50 people to each pledge $10 (about the cost of a festival event ticket), then we’re in! Or only 25 to pledge $20…The key is that there’s a short number of people needed to be our angels of this campaign, and you can be one of them! All levels of pledges receive great rewards (i.e. – I get video-recorded pies to-the-face with donors’ names on them, you get free festival tickets, awesome behind-the-scenes fest footage, exclusive party access, et cetera). This is a one-time drive to establish our permanent festival legitimacy with the festival clearinghouse, Withoutabox, and once we’re in we’ll be able to make this an annual tradition!

If you’ve ever purchased something on Amazon, you’ll find it even-easier to donate to our cause! And considering you can donate as-little as a $1, there is nothing to stop you from taking the length of a song to help us in this final push to bring more culture, education, charity, and fun to central Oklahoma and the arts world in-general! So don’t wait, expecting someone else to jump-in; good karma is waiting for you!

Check out this front-page article from last Friday’s local paper, the Stillwater NewsPress providing coverage about the campaign, and don’t forget to “like” Red Dirt on Facebook for regular-updates!

(click to enlarge, or go here for the digital copy)

newsAlso, be sure to check out the Payne County CASA website; they’re the organisation we’re donating 100% of our Fun-Run marathon proceeds to! CASA, which stands for Court Appointed Special Advocate, is a nonprofit organization advocating for the best interest of abused and neglected children involved in the court system. We can think of no better local cause to contribute to during the course of the Red Dirt Festival!!

CASAFrom Damon and Marisa, THANK YOU ALL for your support in making this a REALITY!


Turn it UP! (music’s healing effects)



 Hey Damon!

LALALALALA!!!!  I have Spotify on as I type!  I love music, all kinds.  I am happy to sing along, dance (poorly- but hey, it’s fun) and generally yell out at my favorite parts.  I sing while I clean, write, drive, cook, do laundry, bathe children, work out, and rock babies to sleep; I hum in the grocery store to the generic music playing over the store radio and I almost always have a song playing in the background of my mind (which may account for some ADD but it makes me happy).

I know that you love music too.  We share playlists and songs with each other constantly. In fact, it’s a rare week that goes by that one of us isn’t having the other check out a song.  We like classical, pop, country, rock, and a million sub-genres.  My new favorite is baroque-pop. 

Music is made to fit any mood which is one reason I believe it’s so powerful.  It doesn’t matter how you feel or what you’re doing, some song will accompany it perfectly.  If you are relaxing, at a party, driving across the country, or just hanging with friends, there is a song for you!  If you are peaceful, sad, cheerful, spitting mad, or feeling lonely, there is a song for you! We can empathize through music, we can learn, we can heal. 

 Musical healing is a proven thing. It has been proven to aid in cases of stress, anxiety, and sleeping disturbances, among other things, sometimes better than medication. In this article from USA Today it even shows how it postitively affects premature babies, an older woman with stomach cancer, and stroke victims. There is research about how it helps Alzheimer’s patients and how it helps overall rewire our brains. The stories are all over about the healing effects of music…as I did some research I was humbled by the myriad of heart-warming stories and statistics.  There are music therapists who do nothing but go around playing instruments and singing with those who need healing in a variety of ways.

Music truly crosses all borders-it doesn’t matter what country you’re in, they have music.  It unites the world.  We use it to enrich events in our lives.  We play it at weddings, graduations, funerals, and sporting events. We go to concerts be entertained by stars of music and to our children’s band and choir concerts at school.  We enroll our chidren in piano and guitar lessons so they will continue on the love we have for music. (And so we can argue with them about how 30 minutes of practicing means 30 minutes, not 20.  We aren’t paying so they can be lazy, right?)

Music is empowering.  Lyrics can change the way we think and feel which is why we should be careful about what we let into our brains. Music has power- it can be uplifting or depressing.  But mostly it’s fun or about love and makes us sing or dance or tap a foot! I encourage you to turn up the volume today wherever you are and enjoy one of earth’s greatest pleasures!


Hey Marisa!!

I love all the bases you covered for this topic – like my recent thoughts on cinema, you really reveal here how indebted we are to an art-medium in every aspect of our lives, some people more than others. Fortunately I’m as much of a music-lover as a film lover, and maintain that 50% of a film’s effectiveness is in the music selected, and how it’s threaded through the scenarios.

But more importantly, music IS healing, as you say! Check out this amazing 5 min. video of an elderly man in a nursing home, who, despite being nigh-non-communicative, is able to “come alive” more fully and interact with his children and the nursing staff after listening to a few songs from his youth that he used to love. Hopefully our readers will take away the importance of music in all forms in the schema of our lives’ journeys!

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