Have a Cuppa Cheer!

Hellooo everyone! Damon here – It’s been a long month of catching-up post-Red Dirt Film International Film Festival, and after a wonderful Thanksgiving, we’re ready to get back to some things here (as well as beginning a new year of work on Red Dirt!). We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and hope you’ll enjoy these few things that really touched us today:

First off, we have a very-moving story of the true holiday spirit in-action:



And if you’ve never seen these guys play, be ready to be astounded by their heady arrangements of well-worn holiday tunes, whether you celebrate Christmas or not!

Angels We Have Heard on High (Christmas w/ 32 fingers and 8 thumbs)

O Come, Emmanuel:

In addition to the usual Christmastime traditions, I’ve been learning all-about Hanukkah this year, having purchased a menorah at a local Jewish Community Center. It was fun reading about so much history and tradition, and speaking with the rabbi about it – he was featured on the Oklahoma City paper the next day (Thanksgiving), shown lighting the downtown Feast of Lights candles!

What are your favourite introductions to the season?

photo (2)


Daily inspiration!

Damon here! When I saw this Friday night, I KNEW I had to share it here on ish. It’s only a few minutes long, but VERY motivational. Happy new week everyone!!



I AM….



Wow!! Sometimes when something bad hits us, it’s merely a door letting in a tidal wave of blessings, as happened with film director Tom Shadyac. I can’t believe I’ve missed this seemingly very-inspirational film, and I for one can’t wait to check it out soon. Have any of you seen this?


Tom Shadyac I AM

AMAZING video – apply this to YOUR life!!

This incredible video shows just what the human spirit is capable of when charged with determination. Let it be a an inspiration for how you can apply the same amount of zeal towards changing all the negatives in your own life; most of us are physically-better off than Mr. Boorman was in the past, so where can you go from here? If he accomplished all this in roughly one year, ask yourself: where do you want to be this time next Earth rotation?

Arthur Boorman

Transformational resources that’ve helped me

Hey Marisa!

I just want to share a list of tools and resources I’ve intently studied the past 4 years that’ve begun to transform me from the old “stuck” me, to the freer, happier me. In that span of time I’ve digested hundreds of books, hundreds of podcast interviews, dozens of inspirational/educational films, experienced thousands of meditation sessions, and have even slept most nights with headphones on to listen to self-help audio books and guided meditation content, since the subconscious brain is ALWAYS aware and can process material in our sleep. In the future I’ll do some one-off breakdowns of some of the materials listed here, but for the meantime this represents the best-of-the-best out of all those thousands of resources:

Daily Aids:

Bob Proctor’s Six Minutes to Success video series

Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles (unabridged audio)

Vision boarding

The Secret to You – 2 1/2 min. HUGELY inspirational video to begin your day

The Secret to Riches – 2 1/2 min. inspirational video to start your day with the right wealth mentality

Bob Doyle’s Wealth Beyond Reason program


Happy for No Reason – by Marci Shimoff (unabridged audio)

The Success Principles – Jack Canfield

The 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Achieving More with Less – Richard Koch

The Secret, The Power, and The Magic – Rhonda Byrne

The Science of Getting Rich – Wallace Wattles (unabridged audio)

How to Win Friends & Influence People – Dale Carnegie (unabridged audio)

How to Be a Winner – Zig Ziglar (unabridged audio)

Embracing the Wide Sky – Daniel Tammet (unabridged audio)

The Healing Code – Dr. Alex Loyd with Dr. Ben Johnson

Video content:

The Living Matrix (2009) – dir. by Greg Becker

Something Unknown is Doing What We Don’t Know What – dir. Renee Scheltema

The Secret (2 versions)

What the Bleep Do We Know!? (2 versions)

Any Abraham-Hicks videos

other audio:

Everything is Energy radio show – David and Kristen Morellis’ archived radio shows on iTunes

Bob Doyle audio interviews with various guests

Abraham-Hicks’ Getting into the Vortex CD meditations


Morning gratitudes

The Sedona Method


Quantum Jumping

The Healing Codes

sending love (incl. $)

Identifying things you love

Smile! – The muscle configuration it takes to make you smile automatically releases serotonin that actually ends up lifting your mood

mirror self-love – spend 5 min. each day appreciating and loving yourself to build a strong foundation to be able to minister to others

being aware of bodily tensions and questioning the source of that stress

holding your hand over your heart – the heart’s energy-field can be redirected back inside your heart center to fill you with greater love and power for change

40 Day immersion programs


Learning to unconsciously breathe 6 times per minute – adds more oxygen (and higher-brain functioning).

Hey Damon!

I am happy that you put all of these resources into one master list!  I know that you’ve been on quite the journey to learn and grow as much as possible and it shows.  People can tell that you are different.  You are such a positive, healthy, happy person to be around. I look forward to doing some listening and reading to catch up with where you are.

I was thinking about the main differences between you and “regular” people and while there are several, there is one that really stood out to me, and that is gratitude.  You show gratitude for everything you have, and for the things that you desire that you don’t have yet.  I see you many times with your yellow legal pad out and I know that you are writing a long list of things you are grateful for that day. It keeps you happy, it keeps you positive, and it enables you to realize blessings in your life you may not realize otherwise.

Thanks for this list…I think it will inspire a lot of people, cause us to shine, and heal us in ways that we may not now understand.