Red Dirt Film Festival 2013…get ready for some FUN!

Red Dirt International Film Festival October 25-26

People Watching Movie in Movie TheatreSo, we are pretty busy around here lately and we want to tell you a few things and answer some questions we have been receiving.  I will try to break them down into simple sections so if you are just looking for a specific thing you can scroll until you see it unless you want to read all of the surely awesome things that I shall expound upon through my keyboard to your screen.

What exactly IS an international film festival?

It’s a chance for independent (indie)  video-makers worldwide to submit their films so they can gain a wider audience.  At any given point festivals usually have multiple venues in close proximity running varied films; these are sometimes accompanied by the filmmaker to introduce the film and to answer questions and/or listen to comments afterward. There is usually a kick-off party and an awards ceremony that accompany the festival along with vendors, live music, etc.

Eggsotic Events Red Carpet with Chrome Stanchions 1What can I expect from Red Dirt’s first annual international film festival?

Well…a hell of a lot of fun! But I digress… We have films from all over the globe.  There will be some short films (5-70 minutes) and some feature length films (over 70 minutes) from all genres of film including: dramas, comedies, children’s films and much more! The locations will be primarily downtown Stillwater in many venues depending on the film. There will be a website up soon that will have detailed information and a schedule will be provided in October. We have a Red Dirt Film Festival facebook page up now.

We will have art, food, music, a charity event, character photo ops, an awards ceremony (there will be an audience choice award), panels and workshops about film and filmmaking, audience participation films (SO FUN),  and a few surprises (watch out for zombies- hint, hint), all open to the public.

Who can submit films?

Anyone!  You do NOT need to be a professional to submit your video.  If you have an awesome Youtube video or you want to shoot a short film that you shot on your iPhone then please do it! We also encourage kids and young adults to submit!  Be creative and have fun with it!  Go to this link to submit:


The Charity Event: The STAR STRUT

It is important to us to give back to the community and this year we have chosen the Payne county chapter of  C.A.S.A. (Court Appointed Special Advocates). Since this is a charity that benefits children we wanted to do something in which all children and adults could get involved. We are hosting a wellness walk that is short enough for children and families to get involved and the STAR STRUT was born!  We will walk down Main Street in downtown Stillwater dressed up as our favorite “star” or character from a film, any film on Saturday, October 26th. (Time to be announced soon) Tickets will go on sale on our website for this event in September so keep watching and get involved in the fun while supporting a great cause!

Art on display

We will have a few gallery spaces in downtown businesses.  Bring your creations! Painting, sculptures, collage, drawings, etc. will be on display.  If you want to show off your art and perhaps even sell some pieces please email us at inspirehineheal (at) gmail to register. (free of charge)



This is an opportunity for the public to directly hear filmmakers discuss creative solutions they solve while working on their films. Workshops allow aspiring screenwriters/actors/filmmakers to bounce their own ideas off the seasoned pros of the festival.

Audience Participation Films

Have you ever experienced Rocky Horror Picture Show live or The Sound of Music with the entire audience encouraged to sing along and make us of well-timed props? We’ll be featuring a fun film or two and hope you will come out and get involved!  More info will be on our website.

ticketTicket Sales

All of the information will be up on our soon-to-be website.  There will be day and weekend passes. Single screenings will be offered during the festival at the venue doors, but priority will be given to pass holders. ALSO…tickets for the STAR STRUT will be on sale very soon!

WANNA HELP?  Be a volunteer.  Get stuff.

If you want to help in any way with the festival please contact Damon and Marisa at inspireshineheal (at) gmail. There are privileges to our volunteers.  We are only taking a limited number so get with us soon!

We hope this helps answer some questions and makes you want to come out and support this year’s festival.

Feel free to “like” us on Facebook and continue to follow us on “ish” and watch for our website in September.



Art, and its purpose!

Hey Marisa!!

Here’s a topic VERY near and dear to my heart. As you know, my Master’s degree is in Art, and though film and video are my main media, I love to engage in all artforms, and also in appreciating it. One of the core topics we covered in seminar was “What defines art?” We debated almost every conceivable medium in light of this question, from cooking, to dance, video games, to pornography, to temporal works.

For most people the answer to this question simply means that a landscape painting or cheery, nostalgic view of a yesteryear-that-never-was, which just happens to have a colour scheme matching the room decor, is art because it can be hung above the couch and “bring the room together”. Certainly illustrative paintings of this sort have their place in the commercial realm of interior design, but the conclusion I came to about what defines art is quite different.

I say the conclusion that ‘I’ came to, for we never did hit upon any real answer in either seminar or Philosophy of Art, nor do I believe it’s any more possible to answer that than it is to definitively answer, “What is the meaning of life?”. But in my own opinion, art is merely a creative act (or the result of one) that makes you think or feel.

The best art in the world, whether it be a movie, song, sculpture, dance, et cetera, is that which gives you a sort visceral reaction, but even moreso if it makes you stop to question, to consider, to think. For some this may mean the piece may offend certain sensibilities, which then forces the patron to stop and evaluate why they’re having the knee-jerk reaction they are – what does it say about their life experiences or beliefs that a creative act on display has suddenly made them question the nature expressed through the piece? Or even better yet, once the patron has then read the artist’s statement accompanying the work, does the material now make more sense in the assumed context? Does this new understanding enhance the appreciation of the work, or does it devalue it? Sometimes this is especially true if the work is more about the statement being made rather than in the object’s execution of technical expertise.

As I’ve noted, this is an endless debate, but hopefully this discussion will help encourage our readers to occasional stop to question the intent of a piece, even if it is seemingly an innocuous landscape or sentimental painting, and even go so far to read a bit of the artist’s description to assess the intended context if it’s one that’s particularly moving. A pleasing painting (or movie, et cetera) is fine on its own, but if the artist has ALSO infused it with some rich tapestry of history, political motivation, religious influence, et al, then it’s something that goes from being merely a shiny curio, to a living, breathing document of contemplation that can allow us to really converse with our own minds about how we react to the world and its inhabitants that surround us, in all their myriad forms and uniqueness!

Hey Damon!

I love how two people can look at the same work of art and have completely different reactions to it based on their individual tastes and life experiences. I also like how art in its various forms, allows us to express ourselves and many times heal emotional pain.

Being creative is something that gives me some of my greatest joys in life. Dreaming up ideas and putting them into action is the part of art I enjoy most. Art allows us to show others how we are viewing the world in the moment or it can take us out our the moment altogether into some fantastical place.

I hope that whatever people’s creative and artistic endeavors, they will use them to inspire, shine, and heal.


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