The Cavalry = YOU!!


(clip from Weird Al’s UHF (1989) )

Damon happy!

Hello all!!

Damon here with a call-to-action! We have two days left in our Kickstarter campaign to make the Red Dirt International Film Festival a reality (formerly FILMish). So far we’re at 67% of our goal.

thermoThe truth is, if we can get 50 people to each pledge $10 (about the cost of a festival event ticket), then we’re in! Or only 25 to pledge $20…The key is that there’s a short number of people needed to be our angels of this campaign, and you can be one of them! All levels of pledges receive great rewards (i.e. – I get video-recorded pies to-the-face with donors’ names on them, you get free festival tickets, awesome behind-the-scenes fest footage, exclusive party access, et cetera). This is a one-time drive to establish our permanent festival legitimacy with the festival clearinghouse, Withoutabox, and once we’re in we’ll be able to make this an annual tradition!

If you’ve ever purchased something on Amazon, you’ll find it even-easier to donate to our cause! And considering you can donate as-little as a $1, there is nothing to stop you from taking the length of a song to help us in this final push to bring more culture, education, charity, and fun to central Oklahoma and the arts world in-general! So don’t wait, expecting someone else to jump-in; good karma is waiting for you!

Check out this front-page article from last Friday’s local paper, the Stillwater NewsPress providing coverage about the campaign, and don’t forget to “like” Red Dirt on Facebook for regular-updates!

(click to enlarge, or go here for the digital copy)

newsAlso, be sure to check out the Payne County CASA website; they’re the organisation we’re donating 100% of our Fun-Run marathon proceeds to! CASA, which stands for Court Appointed Special Advocate, is a nonprofit organization advocating for the best interest of abused and neglected children involved in the court system. We can think of no better local cause to contribute to during the course of the Red Dirt Festival!!

CASAFrom Damon and Marisa, THANK YOU ALL for your support in making this a REALITY!


Living Out Your Own Life Story!

I’ve just discovered a great-looking new film that should really resonate with most of our readers:

Finding Joe views our individual lives in the same schema that Joseph Campbell applied archetypes to ancient stories, and by association, how they continued to resurface in more modern fairy tales, such as the Star Wars saga. Finding and applying these distinctions to shared tales in order to understand our human inter-connectedness is fascinating enough, but this film looks to be quite inspirational in how it encourages us to live out our own story we’ve created for ourselves, or perhaps came into this world to play forward. Check out this trailer:



And if you’ve never heard of the Spiritual Cinema Circle, it’s a Netflix-like service that specialises in spiritually-affirming and inspirational films of all types. As I continue to pursue enlightenment in my own life, I find that I can’t handle the same sort of content I used to; more and more it’s these films such as the Spiritual Cinema Circle carries that are the titles I seek out first. Let us know if you’ve seen Finding Joe! I’ll be checking it out soon enough and hope to share more insight.   -D