Red Dirt International Film Festival


Visit us at our official Red Dirt International Film Festival (powered-by ish!) at:



red dirt croppedThis page will soon lead to our official Red Dirt International Film Festival (formerly FILMish) website (with this tab being for the ways in which the festival acts as an arm of ish), but in the meantime we’re locating this submissions button here so that filmmakers can submit work to us ASAP! We’re especially looking for work from children and high-schoolers, so encourage everyone you know who’s ever made an entertaining or informative video, no matter their age or background! Thanks!

Just click the button!

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We’d like to bring to your attention the upcoming event, FILMish, Stillwater OK’s first International Film Festival, Friday October 25th and Saturday the 26th, 2013. Set to offer a great selection of diverse films from all over the globe (along with a built-in spotlight for Oklahoman filmmakers), FILMish will unite the OSU campus and Downtown Stillwater across a multitude of simultaneous venues. From engaging dramas, to light-hearted comedy, children’s fare and classics, to more experimental programming, the festival will be a platform for Stillwater/OSU residents to take in a great selection of unique entertainment options, from the films themselves, Q & As with celebrities and the filmmakers, various workshops, live performances, music, food, and more. Based on similar-models in a few other Oklahoma towns, we anticipate that the festival will bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars’ revenue to city of Stillwater vendors and merchants, and we look forward to this event becoming a new staple in our community.

(click on and then use the magifying zoom-feature to read our “Party Page” flyer sent out to donors!)

Party Page revised

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