About Us

Once upon a time… (a bit about Damon and Marisa)

Marisa: We met when we were18.  (Well, Damon was 18, I was only 17….he will always be MUCH older.) Unfortunately, Damon was a complete dweeb and I could NOT understand what anyone saw in him.

Damon: I thought she was a Ninevite princess (I’ve since learned she’s from Danish royalty).

Marisa: Hahaha! Fast forward 16 years and thanks to that reuniting tool we all like to call Facebook, we found each other much older, wiser, and cooler.

Damon: Yes indeed…we WOULD NOT have been in the least bit compatible until we’d both grown up and experienced life. It turns out that after our ripening (gross context there, I know), we connect almost magically on EVERY level; it was after nearly a year of endless conversation and connection that we realised our life goals are so similar we decided to launch a service together in the goal of inspiring and helping as many people worldwide as possible; the “ish” blog and radio show is only the beginning!

Marisa: See?  He’s much less of a dweeb now. I look forward to working with Damon, as he is one of my very closest friends.  We have a lot of the same ideals and we are constantly laughing and sharing bits of information that we find insightful or entertaining.  We decided to share with you.  I hope you find something in this blog over the course of the next few months, that will inspire you, help you to shine as your best self, and heal you through laughter and life lessons.  Thanks for joining us!

Damon: “Enter freely, and of your own free will…and leave something of the happiness you bring!” –Dracula, Chapter 2   (Damon being a big literary dweeb)


Want to know what these two are like in real-life? Watch the 2001 film, Kate & Leopold – their chemistry is exactly the same, and each so alike the respective male and female characters onscreen.

Otherwise, enjoy a daily serving of ish here Mon. – Fri., and ish Radio coming to you soon weekly! ish was conceived to bring inspirational and fun topics to the world, with each new entry being styled as a private exchange between the hosts; we hope you find our rapport with each other to be both illuminating and entertaining as we explore each topic in our own unique way.

If you’re looking for someone to do speaking engagements for your organisation or event, then look no further! We both love public-speaking and will entertain while inspiring your crowd – request a sample video if interested!


We love feedback! Connect with us directly at the following address:


We can’t wait to hear from you!!

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