Red Dirt Film Festival: What I’ve learned…so far…

Hello all!

Damon and I have been working nearly around the clock to pull this film festival together! We have had WAY too much fun and a lot of laughs but there have been a few stressful moments too I will admit. I think I may look a little like this:


 Actually, I look nothing like this…except the frazzled part.

Here are a few things I have learned so far:

  • Filmmakers amaze me.  Seriously.  They create stories that entertain, teach, lighten, and make me more aware.  I am in awe of them every day.  I have had the rare joy to talk to them all over the world and get a glimpse into their lives.  It is a special person with an innate talent to bring to life words on a page.
  • That I loathe bureaucracy.  I am a simple person who likes to just talk to the person in charge and line things up!  That’s why I’m here as a director of the festival…because I can get things planned, organized, and carried out!  I know that it’s not the 1950’s and I can’t just walk in and talk to my good friend in Mayberry who will help me and trust me to do my part but if I have to see one more form or talk to one more person who transfers me…well…you may hear me scream from here. (Luckily Damon is usually the one who handles such things!)

Man in red tape

  • That some people are born actors!  The list is long of amazing actors we have been fortunate to screen in the films!  Their talent is mind-blowing. Their directors are top-notch.  The end product of all of our films is a great collaborative effort of all involved.
  • I’ve learned a bit more what a producer does.  The only thing I knew before now was that they are listed in the credits right before the director.  (Pathetic lack of knowledge, I know!)  Now I see just how much they do!
  • That cinematography and great writing are what make me personally fall in love with a film.


  • That it is really FUN to get mail from all over the globe!  Every day new packages are coming my way from ALL SEVEN CONTINENTS! I didn’t even know that people lived in Antarctica until I watched the amazing documentary.
  • That I LOVE foreign films!  There is something beautiful and endearing about foreign films to me.  I have been missing out on this for years!

DHL Global Mail Tracking

  • Those people who make and love films are kind of in a club, albeit, a very nice club that welcomes new people all the time.  Among these are our beloved jurors who have screened a myriad of films and who we owe a huge THANK YOU!
  • That we couldn’t have done this without a lot of help. We have had an outpouring of help and support from the community of Stillwater, Oklahoma!  We started this with a dream and a prayer and though it’s a small festival in its first year I believe it will grow by leaps and bounds! So many kind people and volunteers have had our back and have granted us their help with kindness and excitement!  Okies ROCK!


  • That I love our charity event which supports local children.  Love. Love. Love.  Please get involved.  (Just a little note: There will be some fun things right before the Star Strut Charity Event which will involve Damon’s brother throwing a pie in Damon’s face and a chance to sign Damon’s body for a dollar!  Let’s cover him in fun colors of ink!


I could go on and on and on. I’m sure there will be a myriad of posts after the festival full of pictures and videos! We encourage everyone who attends to take pictures and short videos at the festival so we can make a video about the festival entire.  Send all pics/videos to us at

If you live nearby and want to see some amazing films from around the world…(some of them are premiering here and have never been seen by audiences before)…then come out to the Red Dirt Film Festival next weekend (October 25th and 26th) and join in the fun! Check out the website and order tickets in advance (they will be more expensive at the festival).

And as always, I hope you are all having a marvelous day!