Why Wait?

1129Are you waiting for that next big thing? You already have it – so feel into it now! As you get into vibration with what it is you desire, you’ll not miss out on the here and NOW!

We here at ish are excited about FILMish and ish 2.0, which will be a major revamp of this site, which has been promised all spring. But despite our work towards that new future, there’s still more to share along the way before this format migrates to the upcoming ish Facebook page, and this site holds more substantial material to share with our community.

Too many times we as humans get so focused on the future, that we look back to realise the wasted past moments. It’s always good to remember Tolle’s teachings about the power of the present, and to never forget to apply it to our daily lives. I (Damon), have studied this concept for many years, but it wasn’t until early last month that it REALLY hit home for me to the point that I’m almost-always aware of the present reality as a child is, living away from fear, expectation, or negativity about the past (including my previous quip about regrets over wasted time 🙂 )

The ancient Greeks may’ve lived by the maxim, “Carpe Diem” (Seize the Day), but I encourage you to Seize the Moment (“Carpe Temporis Punctum”)!

So Happy-Friday-Summer everyone! It’s up to you to claim what’s good, HERE and NOW!!