Things that make you go Aaaaaaaaaaa!!!


Hi there Damon and all of our awesome readers.

I wanted to take just a moment to talk about some things that make me go Aaaaaaa!!!! Some days are just scream out loud Aaaaaaaa days!

I have been a mother for 15 years. People are always shocked when they find out that I have a 15 year old… no I didn’t get pregnant in high school, I just happen to look young still.  Perhaps it’s my “lack-of-sleep” fatigued eyes that gives me that “she-must-be-in-college” look. I would love to tell you that I was up all night cramming for an important exam or completing an amazingly insightful project but the truth is I just look haggard because…well, I am! (I will admit that I was delighted when I was carded lately. I was more than happy to show my drivers license and even happier when she said “You just look really young.” I’ll take what I can get.)


Children are great.  They are smart, funny, kind, thoughtful, and even sometimes charming.  They are also messy, loud, lazy, and will sometimes run down the hall with a fork chasing the puppy (while you are typing on your blog even…). There are days when I look at them in amazement and think I am SO very lucky to get to share my life with these gifts that are my children…well, moments really, not days. And there are times when it takes all of my strength not to hop a plane to the nearest anywhere that’s not here! Nothing makes me go Aaaaaaaaaa more than my children.  They are the most frustratingly angelic things in my life.

I will also say what makes me go Aaaaaaaa is personal growth.  Why on earth does it have to be so painful?  I do tend to learn from the school of hard knocks but I’ve really been trying to grow and learn as an individual the past few years.  I will say that I have learned a lot and that I can never go back to where I was knowing the things that I know and understand now.  But growth is not easy.  Definitely earns an Aaaaaaaa!!


TOO BUSY definitely gets an Aaaaaaa mark from me!  I’m so tired of being so busy.  Now you say that I have brought it all upon myself and you would be correct.  I have five children ages 3-15 so naturally I am going to be busy at this point in my life just taking care of them and their needs.  I also have a house and a yard to keep up.  But all of the other stuff is just stuff.  I have never been so frustrated as I have been this year with public schools!  Everything is a fundraiser and a competition. Are children even learning anymore? There are more forms to sign for this and that and more homework being handed out than ever before.  Sometimes I just want to say screw this and move to a beach somewhere in some little village where we can all just subsist day-to-day and enjoy each other again.  Life is too busy, and while it is up to me to say “no” and to keep it as simple as possible, it still gets a big Aaaaaaa from me.


Judgmental people get a big Aaaaaaa too! We are all hypocrites when it comes to judging others.  I was accused a few months ago of judging unfairly and was told that I am the very thing I claim to hate. Touche. And ouch.  Tis true I’m afraid.  As much as I try to be open, honest, and compassionate, there are people who get under my skin so much that I am very biased in the way I treat them. It is difficult to remember that everyone struggles with certain things and that…wait for it….LIFE ISN’T FAIR…much to my daily chagrin.  I am a work in progress in all areas of life and am most especially working on this big Aaaaaaaa!!

Cleaning.  Cleaning. Cleaning.  Let me put down my dust rag and broom to type this paragraph.  I realize that the aforementioned five children have something to do with the endless cleaning but seriously!  I co-wrote a book called CUT THE CRAP! for heavens sake!  I know how to organize and clean and am very good at both.  I have decided that I am far too outnumbered to even worry about it anymore.  I clean a little bit each day.  My children do their chores.  My house may at any given time have toy cars lined up all along the floor, there will surely be a mess from the latest snack in the kitchen, dirty footprints adorn my floors and sticky fingerprints the walls. So what?  Does this mean that I never clean?  No.  It means that I’m tired.  If it bothers you then come visit when they all move out.  Until then I try to ignore that the laundry is never done and the bathrooms just can’t stay shiny. Look at the woman in these pictures.  She looks happy to be cleaning.  How very “whistle-while-you-work”. It’s 2013..can we just be honest now? I don’t always smile while I clean.  Aaaaaaaa!!


Lastly, I will say this.  My name is Marisa, and I have Bipolar 2.  And everything I just said is harder for me than for a person who functions without a disorder.  I have ups and downs and sometimes it is too much.  I want to dedicate this post to all of us who have Aaaaaaa moments, but especially to all of those mothers out there who have biploar disorder.  You are my heroes.

Calm down, Crazy.


Marisa happy!Hey Damon!

“Calm down, Crazy.”

This is my favorite of many oh-so-loved lines from the movie Silver Linings Playbook. I felt drawn to go see this movie and after reading what it was about I understood why.  It is about a man who struggles with mental illness (bipolar in this case) and how he lives life with the ups and downs and tries to find a silver lining. The most wonderful thing this movie does is shows that all of us are crazy on some level. His friends and family do things that are questionable also but since he’s the mentally ill person they think they are “normal”.  For those of us who have a mental illness or who have a family member who suffers with one, this film can really speak to us.

The director, David O. Russell, has a son with a mood disorder and feels it is very important to remove the ignorance and stigma associated with mental  illness.  AMEN! I can’t tell you the number of times that I have tried to help others understand that people aren’t “crazy” just because they have a disorder.  When you have a heart condition and you take medicine no one treats you like a leper; when you take insulin for diabetes no one shuns you, but when you have a mental illness images of asylums and white coats come into play and people move away.

It can be difficult to have a person with bipolar (or other mental illness) in your life, but if you love them and are willing to learn and work, the benefits are very rewarding. I want to write an entire post about this later because I believe that raising awareness is the key to end ignorance,  but lets see what you have to say…


Hey Marisa!!

A very Happy Friday to you!

Yes, it’s a sad-state when people shrink away from those who’ve received diagnoses of mental disorders, as if it’s any “less than” some other handicaps that afflict some. As I mentioned to you the other day, it’s truly astounding that in the 21st century our common understanding and judgments against such disorders are so very-off in many regards, and that those who can’t completely fit “in the box”, whether that be in traditional roles or expectations are shunned and rejected entirely, often to the detriment of relationships within a whole network of loved-ones.

What I love about Silver Linings Playbook is that it so-well captures the heart and essence surrounding the struggle that those with depression, mania, or affective disorders often undergo. We talk a lot on here about the very-effective healing energy modalities such as EFT and the Healing Codes, but even for people who may not be open to such routes, there are very practical methods available for those avoiding the largely-negative side-effects of poisoning drugs such as Lithium. I’ve heard that very good practical success comes with Chinese herbs in tablet form, such as these here.

You’ve also told me that in your own research that proper diet (including avoiding certain key foods), regular exercise, plenty of regular water intake, appropriate sleep amounts, and doing as much as-possible to reduce daily stress-triggers, such as limiting exposure to toxic relationship cycles, all help stabilise and allow for a “normal” plateau to expand from.

It is heart-brMarisa happy!eaking how many relationships are negatively affected due to the lack of understanding about mental illnesses. People used to be locked away or mocked. As we learn more, we do better.  Seizures used to be looked upon as one having a devil.  Now they can be treated with medication or at least recognized for what they really are. It can be difficult to accept that a disorder is a part of your life, let alone to ask others to support you through it.  I will post more about this later.  It’s close to me and I hope that by some of the things I say someone will be helped, understood, and supported. My wish is that those afflicted and those close to them will see the light through the darkness.

Step Out of the Box! Get informed! Here are a few quick reads:

Judy Marshall, Ph.D. writes a short and simple article called: MENTAL ILLNESS: Stigma and Reality

Logan Noone speaks out about his bipolar disorder, inspiring many.

Check out this Bipolar Quiz.  It’s very well done and may help you recognize things in yourself or others.

Or just start here and let it lead you to more: Wiki

Damon here again: Silver Linings Playbook hits Blu Ray and DVD Apr. 1st in the UK markets, and Apr. 30 in the States (US viewers may want to get the jump and import the UK disc if you’re not willing to wait the extra month and have a player that supports the Region coding).