Hello! We are taking a poll…please help!

ImageHey everyone-Marisa here.  I haven’t typed a post in ages.  Damon and I have been busy working on some projects both in our own lives and through ish.  We are excited about some really fun and big events that are coming up!  We will fill you in soon with more details but I have a quick question for you.  We are going to be donating some of our proceeds to charity.  What is your favorite charity?  Why do you feel strongly about it and why do you think we should donate to it? We keep going around and around trying to decide so we are opening it up to you for help!  You can answer here or email us at inspireshineheal@gmail.com.

Thanks for your help!

General updates



Hello all! We’ve got big things moving ahead for 2013, but want to drop a few updates to let you know what’s coming:

1) We now have a gmail address listed in the ‘Contact’ section so that you can directly reach us easier!

2) We’re giving away free copies of our first eBook, Cut the Crap! to the first 15 responders who promise to write and leave us a review of the book on Amazon.com.

3) We’ve got an international film festival in the works, which is set for October – more on that VERY soon!!

Until we meet again, take care!