AMAZING video – apply this to YOUR life!!

This incredible video shows just what the human spirit is capable of when charged with determination. Let it be a an inspiration for how you can apply the same amount of zeal towards changing all the negatives in your own life; most of us are physically-better off than Mr. Boorman was in the past, so where can you go from here? If he accomplished all this in roughly one year, ask yourself: where do you want to be this time next Earth rotation?

Arthur Boorman

Game on!

And….we’re back! *sort of*

We here at ish needed a temporary break, and while there are big plans in the works for facets of our services, we’ve decided to post as inspiration hits, rather than hewing to a rigid schedule. For now the radio show is also on the back-burner, but as there are other media projects coming up I wouldn’t be surprised to see it emerge much larger than before in the future!